Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance

What is Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance?

What would you do if you were unable to work due to an accident, sickness or disability? Or if you lose your job and become unemployed?

This is a real concern for many of us, especially if you have family and loved ones depending on your income or overheads such as loans, mortgages and bills.

If you have an accident or sickness that prevents you from working, Statutory Sick Pay will only pay £88.45 (2015/2016) per week for a maximum of 28 weeks and that is if you are entitled to claim. If you become unemployed, state benefits may pay you a minimal £57.90 (2015/2016) per week if you are eligible.

You should consider how you would:

  • Pay for you mortgage or loans
  • Pay for electricity and water
  • Pay for your travel costs
  • Buy food for your family

These are just the necessities to daily living without taking into account some of the simple pleasures in life such as trips to the seaside, going to the cinema, television subscriptions, the odd take away.

How can I cover myself?

Would you feel more secure if you could keep bringing home 50%-65% of your gross monthly income, even if you are unable to work?

Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance is a flexible insurance product that comes with a range of different options you can choose from to suit your needs and finances. This allows the cover to be tailored to your specific needs.

The three main options you can choose from are:

  • Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance
  • Accident and Sickness Insurance
  • Unemployment Insurance

They are broken down in this way for a few reasons. They allow you to get the right product for your needs and budget. This means that you can select those parts of the insurance that are right for your circumstances, rather than pay for parts of the policies you do not need or are not entitled to.

You also get to choose a specific claim period. This is how long the insurance policy will keep paying you a tax free monthly income.

  • Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance has the options of 12 or 18 months following the date of a successful claim.
  • Accident and Sickness Insurance allows you to have 12, 18 or 24 months claim period.
  • Unemployment Insurance can cover you for a claim period of 12 or 18 months.

For claim periods of over 12 months you will need to speak with one of our qualified advisors for a quotation and help with this cover.

You can also choose a specific deferment/excess period of the policy. This is the length of time you need to wait before you can make a claim on your insurance policy. With Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance you can have the options of 30 days, 60 days, 90 day and 120 days before you can make a claim.

It is also possible to choose an deferment period of just 1 day. If you feel that you would like this option it you will need to speak with one of our trained advisors to ensure that you are eligible for the cover.

How much does the cover cost?

The monthly premium for Accident, Sickness and Unemployment policies is calculated by your age, type of cover you apply for, what you are applying to cover e.g. mortgage, income, etc. the term of the claim period, deferment period and the amount of cover that you require. Certain providers will also take your smoker status and occupation into consideration when calculating the cost of your insurance.

If you would like to see how much Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance will cost you, head over to our online quote system. It only takes a couple of minutes and you can even apply for your cover online.

What about Income Protection Insurance?

Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance is often mistaken for Income Protection Insurance. The former provides short term protection of income for accident, illness or redundancy, whereas Income Protection Insurance provides long term cover for illness and disability. For more information regarding the differences between these policies, please view our online comparison here.

Here at Top Quote Online we allow you to instantly compare Accident, Sickness and Unemployment policies from the UK's leading providers through use of our advanced online quotation system. We are one of the leading brokers for Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance in the UK and you can either get an Instant Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Quote Online or speak to one of our qualified advisors by calling us free on 0808 1782777.

I am Self-Employed, can I Protect my Income?

Yes you can. If you are self-employed getting Accident and Sickness cover is almost identical to applying for the policy when you are an employee.

You are not likely to be able to get Unemployment cover. This is because to successfully make a claim you will need to prove insolvency of your business/self. This would be rather difficult to prove and would be highly time consuming, meaning that you are not likely to see any benefit within a time frame that you would need the help most.

I have been notified at work that we are in a redundancy consultation period. Can I get Unemployment Insurance?

No. You will not be able to make a claim on any Unemployment Insurance if you have been notified that you are potentially to be made redundant.

It is extremely important that you notify your broker or Insurance Provider should you be notified of potential redundancies within the first six months of your policy being set up. If this is the case your policy will no longer be valid and you will need to cancel the policy to ensure that you do not pay premiums for cover that you can not claim for.

Can I Make a Claim on my Unemployment Insurance if I Choose Voluntary Redundancy?

No. If you choose voluntary redundancy your insurance policy will not pay a claim. This is because you have chosen to become unemployed rather than being forced to do so.

Can I Claim in Addition to Sick Pay or Other Policies?

This depends upon which Accident, Sickness and Unemployment Insurance provider you choose a policy with. Most Insurers will pay a claim whilst you receive Statutory Sick Pay and/or any additional benefits with your employer. An Accident, Sickness and Unemployment policy can be used to top up your income from your employer should this become reduced over time, so that you can have the security of maintaining your regular monthly net income.

My Outgoings have Changed. Should I Tell My Insurance Provider?

Some providers cover your regular monthly outgoings through your policy e.g. mortgage, food, petrol, mobile, sky tv, etc. If you have one of these policies you will need to notify your Insurer of any changes to your monthly bills, as any claim will be subject to proof of the bill.

If your monthly bills are reduced you will be over-insured and not able to claim a monthly benefit above your provable bill amounts. If your outgoings have increased you will now be under-insured and may want to consider increasing the monthly benefit to cover your new expenses. This will be dependent upon your gross income and your acceptance of any increased premium.

If you are uncertain about whether you are over or under insured, please feel free to contact our trained Insurance Advisors who will be able to advise you in this matter.

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