Adult Asthma Increases Risk of Heart Disease

Article published on 8th June 2008

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According to a report published in the American Journal of Cardiology (titled Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities), adult-onset asthma seems to increase the risk of strokes and contracting heart disease in women.

Along with his colleagues at the US Department of Agriculture, Stoneville, Mississippi, Dr. Stephen Onufrak has drawn upon the report's data to analyse the links between asthma and heart disease or stroke according to gender.

They found that women who develop asthma in adulthood are more than twice as likely to develop heart disease or have strokes than women without asthma, whereas there appears to be no correlation between asthma and heart disease (or strokes) in men.

Although the findings are important and may have implications for medical treatments, Dr. Stephen Onufrak has said that they need to be replicated in another study group before any “concrete recommendations” can be made.

What the final results of this research will be and how, if at all, it will affect the cost and accessibility of life insurance and / or critical illness insurance for women who suffer from asthma remains to be seen.

Watch this space for further details as they become available.

Source: American Journal of Cardiology, May 1, 2008.

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