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Article published on 16th April 2014

Aviva provide a valuable Critical Illness contract to its customers that comes with the added advantage of access to the RED ARC advisory service. This not only allows Aviva's customers the possibility to claim on their policy for 45 full and 11 partial payments, but gives access to an additional health network of specialists dedicated to help you through your illness.

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As with any Critical Illness Cover you must familiarise yourself with the Key Features Document that comes with your policy, so that you are fully aware of the claims conditions for the policy. The illnesses listed below are covered by the Aviva Critical Illness contract but you must meet specific stipulations (severities of diagnosis) in order to successfully place a claim.

As of April 2014 the Aviva Critical Illness policy covers the following 45 illnesses for full payments:

The Aviva Critical Illness contract also provides partial payments of the sum assured for the following 11 illnesses:

Aviva Critical Illness Cover also comes with the added benefit that your children are covered for a partial payment of the sum assured on the policy up to their 18th birthday (or 21st if they are in full-time education).

If you are interested in the Aviva Critical Illness policy please feel free to call us so that we can fully explain the full and partial payments available with the policy.

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