Burial Insurance and Funeral Insurance Cover

Article published on 8th October 2007

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Burial Insurance and Funeral Insurance are basically life insurance policies that pays out a lump sum of money to your loved ones or beneficiaries upon the unfortunate event your death. The benefits of Burial Insurance and Funeral Insurance are normally paid out to the insured's family so that they can pay for funeral expenses, cremation costs and burial costs.
Burial Insurance and Funeral Cover is also referred to as a funeral plan, life assurance, death cover and death insurance.

Types of Burial and Funeral Cover

Burial Insurance and Funeral Cover can be bought as either term insurance or Whole Life Insurance. The main difference is that Term Life Insurance products will run for a number of years and if the policy is not claimed on within this term, the insurance will cease. Whole Life Insurance however, will run for the duration of the insured's life and will not expire unless the premiums are not paid. Obviously term life policies are generally cheaper than whole life policies.
You can apply for cover on either a single or joint life basis, this means that cover will either be on yourself only or yourself and partner.

If you opt for a single life policy, we strongly recommend you speak to one of our advisors about writing the policy in trust. Alternatively you can visit read our online Guide to Trusts.

Are my Premiums Guaranteed?

All Life Insurance / Life Assurance products offered by Top Quote UK Financial Services have guaranteed premiums. This means that once the policy is set up, the premiums will remain the same for the term of the policy.

Where to Buy Burial Cover and Funeral Insurance?

There are numerous companies that offer Funeral Cover and as independent brokers, Top Quote UK Financial Services can offer advice on which companies provide the best features and affordable prices for your individual situation to give our customers the Best Insurance Quotes.

Can the Policy be Cancelled?

Most policies come with a standard cancellation period of 30 days in which if the policy is cancelled then the premiums paid will be refunded.  Once outside the standard cancellation period the policy can still be cancelled but premiums will not be refunded.

In order to get an instant quote for Funeral and Death Benefit Cover, please visit our Life Insurance page, or please feel free to contact one of our friendly advisors for financial advice on 01723 516 600.

Click Here for an Instant Life Insurance Quote for Funeral Benefit

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