Caffeine and Dementia

Article published on 21st May 2008

Previous studies that have cited coffee consumption as a potential defence against Alzheimer's disease may be explained by new research published in the excitingly named Journal of Neuroinflamation, which shows that a daily cup of coffee can drastically reduce the chances of developing many forms of dementia.

Test animals who were given a dose of caffeine, equivalent to a cup of coffee for a human adult, a barrier developed between the brain that filtered potentially harmful chemicals (like cholesterol) from the blood, protecting the central nervous system from damage. There have been other claims in the past about the health benefits of coffee, ranging from an increased protection against certain types of cancer (like liver and ovarian).But let's not celebrate too much just yet.

Other medical reports have in the past linked coffee consumption with a plethora of health problems, including heart conditions, blood pressure, insomnia, miscarriage and even complications for diabetics.

The medical consensus seems to be similar to the one about red wine - a little taken responsibly each day can prove beneficial to the health, but excessive consumption will inevitably result in some sort of unpleasantness.

So we can all continue to enjoy that lunchtime coffee or that glass of good wine with our evening meal without guilt. In fact we can enjoy them in the knowledge that medical science suggests we are insuring ourselves in a natural way against conditions that would spoil our otherwise rude health. Enjoy!

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