Children's Critical Illness Cover

Article published on 4th June 2015

Critical Illness Cover provides some financial security if you are diagnosed with a serious medical condition: such as heart attack, stroke, Parkinsons disease, etc. This can bring a great peace of mind that costs such as your mortgage liability or private medical treatment can be paid for, so that you and your family can focus on you.

But what if one of your children were to fall seriously ill? A horrible thought, but something that could and easily does happen.

Some Critical Illness policies automatically include cover for your children at approximately 50% of the sum assured to a maximum figure of around £25,000. Some insurers offer children's Critical (or Serious) Illness Cover for a small additional fee and your children need to be named on the policy; you will need to add new children to the policy once they are born. In general insurance providers will cover your own children, step-children and adopted children.

Children's Critical Illness Cover does not necessarily cover all of those conditions listed in the adult policy, however they will typically cover childhood illnesses such as bacterial meningitis. It's worth checking the conditions covered before purchasing a plan.

You can use the funds from the Critical Illness policy to pay for accommodation while you stay with your child in hospital, lost earnings from time off work and private healthcare. What you spend the money on is not set in stone and once the insurer has approved your claim you can use the money however you see fit.

To find out more about policies which cover children in the event of a critical illness, please contact one of our insurance advisers on 0808 17 82 777.

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