Contrasting Feelings of Job Security in Scotland and Wales

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Article published on 3rd June 2008

Having recorded the views of 1,605 potential job seekers across the United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, new research expressed in a recruitment survey by TMP Worldwide shows that compared to the 55% of people working in Wales and the South West who do not feel secure in their current jobs, there were still 53% who felt confident in their ability and likelihood of finding new jobs.

Compare this to the 60% of Scottish workers who believe their jobs are secure and 57% who believe they will have no trouble finding new jobs, we can see a marked difference in worker confidence between the Celtic nations.

There is little difference between the amount of people who will be seeking to change their jobs in the next 12 months, 64% in the South West and 67% in Scotland, although apparently 77% of Welsh workers are already actively seeking new jobs.

The Chief Executive of TMP Worldwide, Andrew Wilkinson, has been quoted as saying: “It is great to know that employees are still optimistic about their ability to find a new job, even though the economy is causing concerns about job security. Organisations must recognise this concern and seek to reassure their staff, where possible, that their futures are safe and secure.”

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