Critical Illness Cover - Ageas' Updated Cover

Article published on 20th February 2013

The ongoing saga between the UK's main critical illness cover providers continues, with yet another improvement to a critical illness cover contract. But what do we think about Ageas' latest contract changes.

It was only few years ago when the standard critical illness policy had around 30 insurable medical conditions. It was easy to say to a customer if you want the cheapest company that is fine, but if you want the most comprehensive critical illness policy chose Bupa. Times have changed.

We are seeing most providers offering over 40 insurable medical conditions on their contracts and some even knocking on the door of 50. More and more companies keep adding to their contracts and it is worthwhile reviewing your cover every few years to make sure that you have the most comprehensive policy available.

So what have Ageas done to improve their critical illness coverage?

What do we Think of the new Ageas Critical Illness Cover Policy?

The changes above are all positive and we are of course happy to see the policy improve. As is often the case with the changes made to critical illness plans, the conditions added are unlikely to increase the company?s claims drastically as the condition must still be quite severe to meet the appropriate definition.

For the male population the inclusion of Testicular Cancer and Prostate Cancer partial payments will certainly be appealing. Allowing claims on Children?s Critical Illness cover regardless of educational status is a positive addition and at present quite unique in the industry.

The changes certainly make Ageas' contract look very attractive and makes it one of the most comprehensive critical illness contracts on the market today. These changes combined with Ageas' including their client's into the Best Doctors scheme (, alongside their competitive prices will make the contract tempting to a lot of people.

This will not be the last change we will see in 2013 and it is expected that more insurance companies will react to these recent changes by improving their own critical illness contracts.

The best thing for anybody with critical illness cover is to keep in touch with their financial advisor to ensure they always have the best cover available. It is not advisable to keep changing contracts to get the extra conditions without advice, as you may find you lose some conditions/definitions by doing so. Your financial advisor should also be able to tell you if changing a contract will have any negative effects compared with your current policy.

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