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Article published on 10th June 2014

Critical Illness Cover with Aegon Scottish Equitable will pay out a full claim on your policy if you are diagnosed with one of 44 serious medical conditions, or a partial payment of the sum assured for 9 lower severity conditions.

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A claim on the policy will be assessed based upon the severity of your medical diagnosis, for example low staging cancers will not result in a full payment on the policy. You should familiarise yourself with the level of diagnosis required for you to make a claim, by reading the Key Features Document that comes with your policy schedule; severity levels are not discussed below.

Full payments of the policy sum assured are made for the following 44 illnesses in the Aegon Critical Illness plan:

Partial payments are available if you are diagnosed with one of the following 9 illnesses:

The Aegon Critical Illness Insurance policy provides cover for your children automatically, for a partial payment of the sum assured should they fall ill with one of the critical illnesses covered. Nobody wants to face the prospect of their child falling critically ill, but it is always worthwhile having this cover if it is available.

Now that you have seen a brief summary of the Aegon Critical Illness policy please feel free to speak with one of our financial advisors who can discuss the plan with your in more detail.

We use a range of providers/insurance companies and their products may be more suitable for your needs.

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