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Article published on 6th June 2014

Scottish Provident offer a Critical Illness plan to its customers that provides a full policy payout for 39 serious illnesses, and partial payments for 4 less severe medical conditions. The inclusion of partial payments on the policy provides customers with the advantage that they could receive a payout on their policy for milder illnesses, increasing the chance of receiving a payout on their cover.

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The illnesses that are covered by the policy must be diagnosed with a specific severity as set by Scottish Provident in order for a claim to be accepted; this is not detailed with the list of conditions below. You must read the Key Features Document that comes with your policy pack in order to fully understand the criteria that your diagnosis must meet in order to make a claim.

The Scottish Provident Critical Illness Cover offers a full payment of the sum assured on the policy for the following 39 conditions:

The following 4 partial payments are included as a standard within the Scottish Provident Critical Illness plan:

Scottish Provident Level Term Critical Illness Insurance also comes with the added benefit of integrated childrens cover, offering a partial payment of the total sum assured should your child fall seriously ill with a listed condition.

If the full and partial payments included within the Scottish Provident Critical Illness Insurance are of interest to you, please speak with one of our insurance advisors who can fully discuss the policy with you.

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