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Article published on 4th June 2014

Critical Illness Insurance provided by Zurich will pay out a full claim if you are diagnosed with one of 42 serious medical conditions, or a partial claim payment for 6 less severe conditions. The Zurich Critical Illness policy provides valuable protection for you and your family should you fall ill during the policy term.

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In order to qualify for a claim the diagnosis you receive must be of a certain severity which will be outlined in the Key Features Document that accompanies your policy pack; severity scales are not discussed in the lists below. You should read this document thoroughly to ensure that you are familiar with the stipulations of severity of diagnosis in order for your claim to be considered.

Full payments of the policy sum assured are made for the following 42 illnesses in the Zurich Critical Illness plan:

Partial payments are available if you are diagnosed with one of the following 6 illnesses:

The Zurich Critical Illness Insurance policy provides cover for your children automatically, for a partial payment until their 18th birthday. Whilst you will never want to be in the position to make a claim for your child, having this as an additional benefit to the policy at no added cost can provide a certain peace of mind that private health care costs can be met should the worst happen.

Now that you have seen a brief summary of the Zurich Critical Illness policy please feel free to speak with one of our financial advisors who can discuss the plan with you in more detail.

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