Critical Illness

Article published on 14th August 2008

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You?re moving along in your own world, you?re about to get promotion at work along with a fairly decent pay rise (happy as Larry as the saying goes), enjoying life and living it to the full when you suddenly start feeling pains in one of your legs and it is getting more painful every minute. The problem isn?t severe enough to stop you going to work just yet, but it is getting harder to get around. reports that there are 196 different medical conditions that can be the cause of this leg pain. The actual medical condition however will be very much dependent on where that pain is and whether it is localised.

Now it could be caused by a minor muscle strain which could be sorted fairly quickly or, if you are extremely unlucky, it could be some kind of vascular insufficiency which may signal acute deterioration, possibly requiring an arterial graft or amputation.

Few of us consider the true value of critical illness insurance until we start to take life a little more seriously because we have a mortgage, loans and possibly parental responsibilities.

Like all insurance policies, there are various types of critical illness policy and probably the two most common being those paying a fixed amount in the event of you contracting an insured illness at any time during the term of the policy and those paying a reducing amount in the event of you contracting an insured illness during the term of the policy. The decreasing sum insured policies will cost less but will not pay the full level of cover later into the policy. It is certainly never too late to consider such cover but the earlier the better as like all life insurance, your age is a major risk factor.

Picking the right Critical Illness policy to suit your needs can be difficult as each insurance company offers varying levels of cover. Its not all about price and quite often just picking the cheapest policy can result in lower levels of cover.

If you are in any doubt as to what you need and what?s best for you and your family, you should consult a trained advisor who will be able to explain the various options and make sure you are adequately covered for the best premium.

Click Here for an Instant Online Critical Illness Quote

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