Farmers and Critical Illness Insurance

Article published on 6th August 2008

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Like anyone else, farmers can benefit from insurance, in fact being as most farmers are self-employed they would benefit more than most. Why? Because they are unlikely to get sick pay or insurance built into their jobs, because they are often their own bosses. Few farms can afford the loss the extended sickness of the boss farmer.

Critical Illness insurance or income protection insurance can offer invaluable aid at such times.

Critical Illness cover is an insurance policy provides a guaranteed tax free cash sum if a policy holder is diagnosed as having a survivable Critical Illness covered by the plan (like heart attacks and strokes). Critical Illness cover can be taken out for oneself or for someone else. If offered alongside Permanent Health Insurance, Critical Illness cover can provide an invaluable additional protection, reducing the negative impacts of lost potential earnings and additional expenses, such as changes to the home environment that often follow the contraction of a serious illness.

Income Protection insurance provides a regular tax free income if, because of accident or sickness, the policy holder is unable to work, resulting in a loss of earnings. Farmers who are self employed have very immediate needs because if they cannot work for whatever reason they do not get paid by anyone else.

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