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Article published on 16th July 2008

Generally speaking you are eligible to take out a critical illness insurance (CII) policy if you are aged between 17 and 70 years. It can be for a fixed period of time, such as for as long as you have mortgage repayments to make, or indeed it can last for your entire life. There are even some policies that allow you to terminate whenever you choose to.

Once you find the policy you want you will be required to fill out a proposal form. This will ask what illnesses your family members have suffered in the past (if any), and if you parents and/or grandparents have had cancers (as an example) you may be rated to pay slightly higher premiums - just in case there is a family genetic predilection to the illness. There is also a chance that you will not receive cover for that sort of condition.

It may be that you will have to have a medical examination before you are accepted for cover, although you won't necessarily have to pay higher premiums just because you had a medical exam. Smokers do tend to pay higher premiums as a matter of course.

Also bear in mind that not all illnesses are covered by the policies available. Common exclusions include self inflicted injuries, injuries from criminal acts, ailments from drug misuse and HIV/Aids.

To speak to a Critical Illness Specialist about a Critical Illness Policy, either call us on 01723 516 600 or request a Critical Illness Insurance Quotation using the link below and arrange a callback.

Click Here for an Instant Critical Illness Insurance Quote

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