Gout and Heart Disease

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Article published on 7th June 2008

A study carried out by Stanford University School of Medicine of 9,105 men aged between 41 and 63 has shown a connection between gout and heart disease.

The research focussed on men who had an above average risk of contracting heart disease because their lifestyle and existing physiological problems (like high blood pressure), and apparently men with gout were more likely to experience angina and contract a terminal heart condition over a 17 year period than those without gout.

Reportedly, there is also a higher risk of strokes and dying from other cardiovascular problems for men with gout.

Again, gout is only an exacerbating factor in men who are already at risk of heart disease or cardiovascular problems for other reasons. The hope is that this discovery will encourage men with gout to visit their doctors for a cardio check up. If the existing heart risks are modifiable, such as high blood pressure or extra weight, then it is both important and entirely possible to take their physical condition in hand.

The reason for the connection between gout and cardiovascular problems remains unclear.

Source: NZ-Herald

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