High Risk Life Insurance

Article published on 17th October 2011

What is High Risk Life Insurance?

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If you've every been declined or heavily rated (Premium Increased) for Life Insurance then you will probably qualify to look at High Risk Life Insurance.

People that are considered High Risk will often have to pay higher premiums or be subject to some exclusions for their Life Insurance. For this reason it is vitally important that they use a specialist broker to ensure that they get the best price possible.

Here at Top Quote Online we have helped many High Risk clients find Life Insurance that suits their needs, so they can have peace of mind knowing they are covered in case the unthinkable happens.

What Qualifies as High Risk for Life Insurance?

There are lots of reasons why an Insurance company might considered a person High Risk. Following are some examples, although often it can be a combination of factors:

Pre-existing Medical Condition: Occupation: Hazardous Pursuits:

Will it be Expensive?

As a High Risk client, you should expect to pay a higher premium than a box Life Insurance policy. Often, however the premiums can be lower than you would expect and in many circumstance we can use our knowledge of underwriting to place you with one of the many lenient insurance companies on the marketplace.

You will not have to pay anything to find out your monthly cost. Underwriting of cover can be done entirely without charge and you will only pay for cover if you are accepted and are happy with the policy offered.

Where to go from here?

Please feel free to request an Instant Quote from are site here at Top Quote Online or give us a call on 08081782777 and one of our qualified advisors will help you with getting the most suitable Life Insurance for your needs.

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