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Article published on 5th March 2013

I am HIV Positive, can I get Life Insurance?

Many people in the UK are HIV positive and are still of the belief that they are uninsurable for Life Insurance. This is no longer the case. Over the last decade the industry has made great advances in providing cover for people who are HIV Positive and are continuing to move forward all the time. This article addresses some of the concerns and questions people may have around this much needed life cover.

Am I Eligible For Life Insurance?

If you are HIV Positive, were diagnosed at least 12 months ago, have acceptable CD4 and Viral load readings and have no major health complications, you may be eligible for life cover. It is always best to give us a call and chat with an advisor if you are unsure.

What Kind of Readings Should I Have?

Life Insurance Providers would look for clients to have a near undetectable viral load and a CD4 count over 400, but there are companies who will consider less favourable readings depending upon personal circumstances.

Who Provides this Cover?

Most of the main insurers on the market now offer life insurance for people who have been diagnosed HIV Positive but each company?s acceptance criteria varies dramatically. Due to the fact we specialise in this type of cover we know who the best insurer for your needs would be and who would return the best premiums.

How much Cover can I Get and for how Long?

We would be able to arrange the same amount of cover for yourself, as we would do for someone without HIV. There are limits with some companies, but not all, and we are able to split cover between providers to ensure you are able to get the cover you need. The maximum term on these policies at the moment is 10 years. For this reason we recommend reviewing cover at least every five years.

Will my Policy Cover me in the Event of my Death due to HIV or any Other Illness?

Your policy will be just like any other life insurance policy. There will be no exclusions due to your HIV. The policy will pay out in the event of your death from any cause, although some policies do have some initial exclusions due to suicide; these will be advised to you at the point of sale by your personal advisor.

What is the Process for Getting HIV Life Insurance?

We would do most of the leg work for you. Your will need to complete a full application either over the telephone with your advisor or on a paper application. Information will then be requested from your GP/ Specialist . (We do understand that some clients GP's may not be aware of their HIV status and as such, when advised, we will ensure no questions will be asked of your GP around your HIV status). Your information will then be reviewed by the insurers and an offer will be made if applicable.

We keep you updated every step of the way and are always here to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

I do not want People to know I am HIV Positive, What can I Do?

As with all of our clients we treat personal information with the utmost security and follow all Data Protection requirements. We understand that HIV is a highly sensitive condition to discuss and that our clients want the added confidence that their details are seen by as few a people as possible.

Top Quote UK Financial Services has its own HIV specialist advisor who handles all of these cases in a respectful manner. We will need to provide your details to the Insurance Provider that your application goes to, but please be assured that the case is handled in a need to know basis. If your GP is unaware of your condition we are happy to arrange for them not to be contacted, with all correspondence with your specialist if required.

Ok I Want to Apply for Life Insurance, What Should I Do?

Due to your HIV status it will be much easier to speak with our specialist Insurance Advisor than apply for a Life Insurance policy yourself. We can take away the hassle and stress of the application process, correspondence between your medical representative and the Insurance Provider, and direct you towards the best Insurance Provider for your needs.

You can call us on free phone 0808 17 82 777 or drop us an email to

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