Improving Job Security

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Article published on 2nd June 2008

Insurance is far from the only form of security out there. Getting yourself an income protection policy is certainly a good idea, but it is an example of would could be referred to as negative security - security that comes from preparing for the worst case scenario.

But you can also take positive steps to protect your income by lessening your chances of becoming redundant and improving job security - a process that can be referred to as positive security.

Sarah Berry, the author of How to Love the Job You Do and Write a Perfect CV in a Weekend, recommends that we should all consider broadening our skill base, especially if job security is a particular concern for us. This applies as much in times of a relatively stable economy (companies can still fail and redundancies can still happen) as it does during economic crises, such as recessions or the current credit crunch.

Regardless of what happens, however, if we have more than one string to our bows in terms of work proficiencies, our chances of finding more work even after being made redundant improves.

Training, therefore, is key. The more experience and expertise you have the dispensable you become to your workplace, whether that is a factory or a law firm. If you are considered to be ‘valuable’ by your employers, it is unlikely that your contribution to the company would be considered redundant.

So if the company or institution you work for offers courses or training seminars in anything from teamwork, leadership, presentation skills, IT, literacy and numeracy skills, or anything else that deepens or widens your experience and knowledge base, consider taking them. You never know when having them on your CV may prove just the asset you need to keep your job or find another.

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