Irish Stroke Sufferers Receive Sub-Standard Care

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Article published on 6th June 2008

Stroke victims in Northern Ireland whose speech has been affected by their condition do not receive the therapy they need, according to a recent report by Speechmatters, part of the Stroke Association.

Stroke survivors who have developed the condition aphasia, which makes it hard to speak and understand speech, feel that they do not receive the care and therapy they need to recover sufficiently enough.

Speech loss (considered previously in these articles) or the loss of one's ability to comprehend speech because of a stroke can affect all aspects of one's life, from interaction with friends and family members and or course at the work place too. Many people who find themselves suffering from such a condition can no longer continue with their jobs, and although in many cases aphasia can be overcome to some degree or another it always takes time.

Clearly such an eventuality is not just an inconvenience to sufferers as it can detrimentally affect their income and their chances future employability. Without proper care such people have little chance of getting back into the workplace any time soon - unless they have very understanding employers or a very flexible job.

Income protection insurance can go part of the way to help people who can no longer attend work for reasons such as these, but therapy is needed to ensure a quality of life for victims similar to what it was before their strokes.

Source: BBC

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