Notified Redundancies - Job Security in Ireland

Article published on 7th May 2008

Latest 'notified redundancy' figures show that the Irish workforce has been hit by just over eleven thousand redundancies since January this year, which is a marked increase in figures drawn from the same period in 2007.

It would seem that the international crisis in banking married to Ireland's own economic problems have forced many companies to lay off workers in an attempt to regain control over their financial output.

Although most other employment statistics take part-time and seasonal workers into account, the notified redundancy stats are particularly relevant because they apply solely to employees who have worked for a company for two or more years and so are eligible for compensation because they classify as 'long-term' employees. Also, the statistics show what sectors have been hit worst by the rash of redundancies and by what proportions the job losses have effected male and female employees.

In the first four months of 2008 nearly seven-and-a-half thousand men were made redundant, with two-and-half thousand job losses in the engineering and construction sectors alone. Women, in comparison, lost just over three-and-a-half thousand jobs over the same period with just one-hundred-and-eighty job-losses in the engineering and construction sectors.

Still, the service sector (tourism, hospitality, etc.) was hit worst of all during the stated period, with over three-and-a-half thousand jobs lost over the same four month period.

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