Killing for Insurance Money

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Article published on 4th June 2008

It surely need not be said that life insurance cover is there to help families in times of unexpected crisis. It is not a means to ‘get rich quick’ through murder.

This fundamental point seemed to have slipped passed Fadri Nasri, a thirty-four year old Londoner, who paid two killers £18,000 each to murder his wife, Special Constable Nisha Patel-Nasri, so that he could claim her £350,000 life insurance policy and run away with his lover, a Lithuanian prostitute named Laura Mockiene.

Fortunately, alongside his hired hitmen, this rather pitiful excuse for a husband was found guilty of murder in the Old Bailey and will be sentenced for his abhorrent crime next month.

Mrs Patel-Nasri was knifed to death by the hired killer Jason Jones on the doorstep of the Wembley home she shared with her husband.

Although the initial belief of the investigating officers was that Mrs Pate-Nasri was killed while confronting burglars, police later discovered a picture of Ms. Mockiene's bare thigh on Mr. Nasri's mobile phone.

This led to Nasri confessing to an affair with Mockiene, which prompted the police to tighten their investigation of Mr. Nasri's relationship with Mockiene, tracing telephone calls between the two.

“The very fact that Nisha’s husband instigated this killing so that he could be with his younger mistress and gain financially from her death is the ultimate betrayal,” said Detective Chief Inspector Nick Scola.

Source: DailyMail

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