Life Insurance Cover for the British Armed Forces

Article published on 7th May 2007

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How do you get Life Insurance cover if your life is at risk? This article discusses life cover for soldiers heading to an area of conflict such as Iraq and Afghanistan?

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Several years ago the BBC reported in the run-up to action in Afghanistan, that the MoD's life insurance cover scheme had been closed to soldiers. The Ministry of Defence closed their own life insurance scheme because the likelihood of danger to armed forces was on the rise as the risk of war intensified. Soldiers were urged to find private life insurance cover instead.
To the anger of many armed forces personnel, the reason the life insurance cover scheme collapsed was because an underwriter refused to back it. At the time around 33% of military personnel were members of the life insurance cover scheme1. The insurers then refused to accept any further applications due to the increased risks in areas of conflict such as Afghanistan.
The outrage around the inability for the MoD to provide appropriate affordable life insurance cover led the government department to investigate alternatives. The MoD however defended their move stating that the life insurance cover was in fact a supplement to the pension schemes already in place to look after relatives of killed soldiers.

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The Ministry of Defence advised armed forces personnel to look into private life insurance cover. Being a member of the armed forces at times of war means that your life is at higher risk than a civilian. Insurance brokers such as Top Quote UK Financial Services can usually provide members of the Ministry of Defence or Armed Forces Insurance Cover providing they are currently not under orders to go to an area of conflict. This can vary from company to company, so please feel free to contact us for any questions and advice.

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