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Article published on 19th May 2010

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Mental health conditions can occur in anybody regardless of age, sex and race and with diagnosed cases on the rise it is important to realise the effects (or in most cases lack of effect) that these conditions can have on your life insurance for depression policies.

The Mental Health Foundation now estimate that 1 in 4 UK adults will suffer from at least one diagnosable mental health condition each year.

Mental illnesses come in many shapes and forms, including Depression, Stress and Anxiety, as well as coming in a wide range severity levels and consequences.

Whilst in the past many insurance companies treated mental health conditions with some distaste, a large majority of insurers are now happy to fully consider the severity of your condition when deciding if it is necessary to make any changes to your life insurance quote.

Typically, insurance companies may take factors such as how long ago you suffered, how long the illness lasted, did you have any time off work, did you have suicidal thoughts/attempts, did you take any medication and the reason behind your illness, into account when assessing your application.

Each insurance company will treat your request for life insurance and depression differently but generally speaking the insurance company will ask additional questions and possibly need to write to your doctor for additional information.

In most cases if you have not suffered from your condition in the last year and if the condition was relatively minor (without medication nor suicidal thoughts) it is possible to find an insurer who will not make any change to your quotation.

If an insurance company does decide it is necessary to adjust your life insurance with mental illness policy, there are two routes the insurer may decide to go down.

Firstly the insurer may decide that they need to exclude mental illness from your policy. This means that a claim would not be paid if your death was attributed to your mental illness.

As an alternative, the insurance provider may decide to apply an increase to your premium, to reflect any additional risk.

Likely Outcomes for Life Insurance with Mental Illnesses

In all but the most serious of cases it is usually possible to obtain life insurance policies without any increased premiums or exclusions. It is likely that the insurer would ask to write to your doctor if you were prescribed any medication or had any suicidal tenancies.

Likely Outcomes for Critical Illness Cover with Mental Illnesses

The outcome of a Critical Illness insurance application is very much dependant upon the severity of your condition, how long ago it was and any medication prescribed. In a lot of cases the insurer is likely to lightly increase the premium. One of our advisers will be able to advise you further.

Likely Outcomes for Income Protection with Mental Illnesses

Because of the very nature and aim of income protection it is very likely that an insurer would exclude mental illnesses on income protection policies. Again one of our advisers will be able to advise you if this is indeed the case and in some cases, insurers may be able to offer an increased premium if this is preferable.


All in all you should be safe in the knowledge that mental illnesses do not preclude you from obtaining insurance. They are a hurdle easily overcome with a little advice from a trained and qualified adviser like those at Top Quote Online.

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