Low Cost Life Insurance

Article published on 10th March 2008

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With so many companies in the UK offering low cost life insurance, who do you choose?

Life Insurance from the Banks

The banks offer low cost life insurance and quite often recommend that you take it out with your mortgage. The problem is that they don't offer the best prices, quite often they don't offer advice and they certainly don't discount your premiums. Finally they usually only cover your mortgage and don't provide additional family cover.

Low Cost Life Insurance from the Supermarkets

Life Insurance is one of the most important insurance policies that you will ever take out. It provides vital financial protection for your loved ones, would you really want to put this in the hands of a company who specialises in selling food? As with the banks, low cost life insurance through supermarkets is usually not advice driven and most don't offer a broking service to find the cheapest deal.

Execution Only Comparison Sites

Execution only means that you source your own policy without any advice. Sourcing your own life insurance is all well and good but what if something goes wrong? What if you made a mistake with all of those forms? If this happens, you have only yourself to blame and any complaint would be difficult to uphold. Many of the comparisons sites on the Internet don't offer advice with their products and have a 'factory' like approach to their clients.

Where Should I get my Low Cost Life Insurance

We always recommend speaking to a qualified advisor about your life insurance. This should be an independent broker who deals with the whole of the life insurance market. By doing so, you can ensure that not only do you get the best price but you also get the right policy to suit your needs. Here at Top Quote Online, you can quote online from all the leading companies, receive advice on the products where required, get the right product at the best price and sleep easy knowing that a professional brokerage is looking after you low cost life insurance applications.

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