Prizes for Healthy Living

Article published on 17th June 2008

Insurance giant, Prudential, is offering 40% of Mark Warner holidays and £10 Eurostar tickets, two-for-the-price-of-one Cineworld cinema tickets twenty times as many Nectar points from Sainsbury's when buying fruit and vegetables, all in an effort to encourage their policy holders to lead healthier lives.

Prudential has said that the reward system will begin in August and it is hoped that it will prompt people to take up exercise and generally adopt healthier lifestyles, in a particular effort to combat the growing problem of obesity in the UK.

Any customer who buys one of Prudential's life assurance or protection policies will be eligible for the rewards, which will vary depending on just how healthy the policy holder's lifestyle really is.

Chief executive of PruProtect and PruHealth, Shaun Matisonn, has said that obesity is the main concern behind the scheme. He pointed out that for the first time in centuries statistics show that this generation's children are projected as having a lower life expectancy than their parents because of obesity and other issues relating to poor health.

He said: "One third of cancers can be avoidable due to lifestyle choices, mainly obesity and cutting out smoking. We all know what we should be doing to look after ourselves, but we need encouragement to make these changes."

The Prudential's customers will be divided into four categories - bronze, silver, gold and platinum - depending on factors like gym usage, the amount of fruit and vegetables they say they eat, whether they smoke and if they have regular health checks.

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