Redundancy in Law

Article published on 25th June 2008

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In the wake of similar problems within its rivals, Halliwells, Bevan Brittan and McGrigors, British law firm Howard Kennedy has been hit by the dreaded 'credit crunch' and has announced a redundancy consultation that could affect up to fifty jobs from amongst fully qualified lawyers and other support workers within the company.

A thirty day consultation period began on the 19th of June after all those who could be affected had been notified. Twenty full-time lawyers most likely face redundancy, with the jobs of as many as thirty support staff also under scrutiny.

Although all departments of the company have been hit to some degree or another, it's the property and real estate group who are at the greatest risk - small wonder given the problems facing the property market at the moment.

One of the property partners, Paul Springall has been quoted as saying: "It's a factor of the economic world we now live in. No one can ignore the effects that the credit crunch has had on the property market and we are predominantly a real estate firm."

The warning should be clear - it doesn't matter what area we work within 'white' or 'blue' collar sectors, job security is an increasingly abstract notion in the current economic climate.

If any of us could be hit with the possibility of a redundancy, an income protection policy of some sort would perhaps make a lot of sense. It's less of a risk to look into such a policy than it is to just 'hope for the best', n'est pas?

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