A Rundown of PruProtect's Serious Illness Cover Contract

Article published on 7th March 2014

Update: This product is now Vitality Life and not PruProtect.

PruProtect does not actually provide Critical Illness Cover in the same sense that other insurance providers do. The PruProtect policy is referred to as Serious Illness Cover and provides a much broader range of full and partial payments to clients. With the Serious Illness policy you are insured to receive a full policy payout if you fall ill with one of 64 conditions, or a partial payment if you are diagnosed with one of 72 illnesses.

The details included in this article are based on the PruProtect Primary Serious Illness Cover that has been offered since 2013. The severity of diagnosis or treatment required in order for you to successfully claim for a full or partial payment on this policy is not detailed here. Please note that some conditions are listed in the full and partial payments sections as the severity of diagnosis will determine the eligibility for one or the other. Please read your Key Features Document to familiarise yourself with the specific requirements for claims on this policy.

Full payments are available for the diagnosis of the following 64 illnesses:

Partial payments on this policy can range from 25, 50 and 75 percent of the policy sum assured. The PruProtect Primary Serious Illness Cover provides partial payments for the following 72 conditions:

Should you wish to discuss the PruProtect Primary Serious Illness Cover policy or the more advanced Comprehensive Serious Illness Cover please speak with one of our advisors on 01723 516 600. The PruProtect Comprehensive Serious Illness Cover provides a broader range of partial payments and allows claims related to the endocrine and metabolic diseases.

The PruProtect policy comes with the option to include childrens cover for your dependents for an additional fee.

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