Sending Jobs to India

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Article published on 3rd June 2008

The marketplace is blind and profits counts for everything if a company is to compete and survive. This is the mantra of capitalism and the free market, and love them or loathe them they form the economic model of our economic system.

So when a British business services firm like Capita reveal that they will be ‘relocating’ more than 300 call centre jobs to India, what recourse can the employees facing redundancy take? Very little truth be told.

They can act through their union, if they have one, or else they can write to their Parliamentary representative, but the fact remains that Capita is perfectly within its rights to do as it is doing.

Granted that the company has done its best to assure the employees working from the effected site in Wythall, Birmingham, that most of them will be redeployed or else can re-apply for jobs elsewhere in the company, but there will in all likelihood still be some casualties.

Such unexpected job-losses can be detrimental to households, and whereas it is always possible to find more work in this country, it is not always possible to find suitable work in a timeframe that minimises harm to home life and living expenses.

Even if some sort of financial settlement can be made between union bosses and the company, the redundancy cheques that may be handed out may not be enough to cover the living expenses incurred while of searching for new appropriate jobs.

It's in uncertain circumstances such as these that income protection insurance really comes into its own.

Further details can be found at the Economic Times Online: India Times

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