Developed Skin Cancers

Article published on 28th June 2008

Although skin cancers are critical illnesses and can become very serious, it isn't usual for sufferers to die from their condition.

Because malignancies on the skin are easily seen and identified they are generally caught quite early, unlike many other 'internal' or invisible cancers, like lung, stomach or prostate cancer.

If caught early enough, most types of skin cancer can be treated and cured, as explored in our previous article, so it is worth keeping track of the lesions that appear on our bodies.

For skin cancers that have become serious and that have spread to other parts of the body (a rarity but altogether possible), two other treatments may be applied:

If you have a patch of skin that is discoloured and often breaks, bleeds, hurts or is otherwise growing, go straight to your GP for a check up.

If the GP is unsure about the lesion, chances are he or she will take a small biopsy of it to send for further tests.

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