Type 2 Diabetics Risk Developing Critical Illnesses

Article published on 30th May 2008

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Diabetes UK, has revealed that nearly 700,000 thousand people with Type 2 diabetes (linked to obesity) risk severe strokes and blindness because they do not take their medications regularly.

Type 2 diabetes, is rising rapidly as the UK adult population gets ever fatter, leads to all sorts of health issues, including heart and kidney problems and even loss of limbs. Around 2 million Britons suffer from Type 2 Diabetes, but Diabetes UK has revealed that 650,000 do not take medicine at the times and in the manner that they should.

Diabetes UK's chief exec., Douglas Smallwood has said: “Many people struggle to realise the importance of taking their medicines despite the fact that damage caused is irreparable,” and that effectively controlling Type 2 Diabetes “can reduce the risk of heart disease by 56%, and eye disease and kidney disease by 33%.”

The Association of the British Pharmaceutical Industry Research, in conjunction with Diabetes UK, found through their research that 1 in 5 diabetic Brits didn't think it was all that important for them to take their prescriptions. Their research also found that 40% of diabetics didn't realise that they were at higher risk of heart disease and strokes if they did not control their condition properly. Another 30% stated that they didn't realise failing to take their medication regularly would likely result in kidney failure.

It is vital for diabetics to take their drugs regularly and in the manner that their GP's tell them, or else they risk developing critical and life threatening illnesses that are far harder to treat than diabetes.

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