Unemployment Insurance in the Public Sector

Article published on 2nd November 2010

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With the 2010 spending review now public knowledge, government workers across the country are expressing obvious concern over the announcement of major job cuts across the board.

With the publication of the review the public sector is facing a massive 490,000 public sector workers are to made redundant by 2014. With 42,000 job cuts in the Defence sector alone many people are now becoming concerned about what will happen to them and their families if they do lose their jobs.

It has been widely publicised that it is too late for public sector workers to gain any form of protection or insurance if their jobs are lost due to the high risk, this however is not always the case. Here at Top Quote Online we work with a number of the countries leading unemployment insurance (redundancy insurance) companies and are still able to offer insurance to many members of the public sector are feeling unsecure in their jobs. The main criterion that is used to assess eligibility for these policies is that you have not had direct notification that your job is at threat.

Top Quote Online offer Unemployment and Redundancy Insurance where you pay a premium for an amount of monthly cover. If you then lose your job, you will receive the monthly benefit (usually ?1-?3000) to cover your expenses (mortgage, loans, council tax, etc).

Policies usually pay out for one to two years or until you return to work whichever happens first. In a time of such unease and uncertainty it is peace of mind to know that your outgoings are protected giving you time to find a new job and time to get back on your feet.

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Compare the leading Unemployment Insurance quotes

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