Welsh Assembly ReActs to Redundancy

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Article published on 25th June 2008

With redundancies and other problems becoming rife due to the so-called credit crunch, the Welsh Assembly has launched a scheme to help people get back into work. The ReAct initiative offers all sorts of training, advice and support for people facing redundancy in Wales. As much as £2,500 is available for people who have been made redundant but apparently this money is not being taken advantage of.

Started back in 2001, the training that the ReAct programme offers is managed by the Freshbaked Group. Managing Director, Richard Matthews, has said that however it may feel at the time, redundancy is a good opportunity to assess your situation and re-evaluate what is important in your life. Redundancy, he has pointed out, gives people the option of considering other opportunities available to them, from retraining in a different field to starting up on their own. The initiative doesn't just focus on individuals either, it aims to help businesses too.

Support under the ReAct scheme is available to people who:

When people are made redundant they often feel as though their confidence has taken a blow, so it's important to bear in mind that it was the job that was redundant, not the worker him or herself. This is part of the logic behind the ReACT scheme.

The scheme is purported to have helped hundreds of people retrain and get back to work in Wales, removing those barriers to employments after redundancy and shortening the length of time between redundancy and re-employment. Alongside the security and steady income of an income protection insurance policy, this sort of scheme can negate almost all of the detrimental impact of redundancy.

For information about ReAcy you can visit the scheme's website at www.wales.gov.uk/react - or contact them directly at:

Telephone: 01792 765888


Welsh Assembly Government
 Tŷ'r Llyn, Waterside Business Park
 Clos Llyn Cwm
 Swansea Enterprise Park
 SA6 8AH

For a look at some of the courses available through the scheme visit the FreshBaked site at: www.freshbaked.co.uk

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