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Article published on 17th July 2008

Choosing which critical illness insurance (CII) policy is right for you can be a very tricky process, what with there being over 60 insurance providers offering around 200 different sorts of critical illness insurance policies.

Do not immediately opt for the cheapest policy you can find as the chances are that it will be quite restrictive in terms of breadth and depth of cover - so there will probably many illnesses not included with the cover

Conversely, choosing a policy that covers every severe illness imaginable, from leprosy to yellow fever may not be a good choice either. What are your chances of contracting such diseases in your daily life? Unless you travel the world and work in humanitarian aid or somesuch, paying for a policy that covers anthrax and malaria may just be throwing bad money after good to an insurer that is looking for ways to squeeze more money out of its customers.

It is important, therefore, that you remember to do at least three things before purchasing your critical illness insurancepolicy:

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