Which Critical Illness?

Article published on 25th July 2008

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No, this article isn't about choosing ailments to suffer from. It's about comparing what Critical Illnesses are covered by the Critical Illness Insurance (CII) policies by all the major insurance brokers in the UK using the useful information provided on this very site Critical Illness Comparison.

Firstly, the insurance providers listed include:

The Critical Illnesses covered include:

Although we have looked at the nature of most of these diseases in previous articles (take a look back through our archives for more details), we will be reviewing the few remaining in articles to come.

Firstly, the diseases and conditions that all of the stated insurers cover (at the time of writing at least) include:

This is generally quite a good lot of cover, as these diseases and conditions are the statistically most likely to occur.

BUPA comes out on top in terms of breadth of cover. They over cover for all the illnesses and conditions mentioned apart from Major Head Trauma. Scottish Widows on the other hand provides the least breadth of cover, having dropped 18 illnesses and conditions from their cover.

But this doesn't inform us at all on affordability and nor does it necessarily imply that BUPA offer the best policies - merely that its Critical Illness policies cover the most illnesses.

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