Environmental Action

Following is a summary of the corporate social responsibility and commitment to environmental issues.

eTransport Policy

Here at all of our work is done via the internet and telecommunication facilities, allowing us to contact customers across the country without the need for us to come to your front door. Due to our online status we are able to keep our carbon-footprint to a minimum, with no hassle for you and no extra pollution.

Turning it Off!!

We are very conscious of our energy consumption, especially since we are an online company. In order to keep our energy usage as small as possible, we ensure that all our equipment is turned off when not in use.

Less is More

One of our main policies is to use as little paper as possible, which is supported by our online application services, email communication and secure electronic storage of customer details. In other words - little paper!! At the present time some of our service providers still rely upon paper records, however we do our best not to use such resources unless clients ask for written forms of communication.

How We Dispose of our Waste

For the security of our customers' information, any confidential waste is destroyed. All paper waste produced in our office is recycled through a local charity. Even though we do not use plastic products within our business, we do actively encourage employees to recycle their individual waste.