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Life Insurance

Life Insurance pays a cash lump sum to your loved ones if you die, or become terminally ill. If you have a family or a partner who are financially dependent on you, or if you have liabilities such as a mortgage or loan then you should consider Life Insurance.

Life Insurance is often referred to as Life Assurance, Term Insurance, Term Assurance or Mortgage Life Insurance. While it comes under many names, the essence of the policy is the same, i.e. you pay a monthly premium and in the unfortunate event of your death, a tax free sum of money is paid to your family or nominated beneficiaries.

There are 2 main types of Life Insurance:

There are other types of Life Insurance available such Family Income Benefit which pays a monthly benefit instead of a lump sum, Increasing Term Insurance which increases on an annual basis to offset inflation and Convertible Term Insurance which offers the option to revert to whole life or endowment insurance. These Life Insurance Policies are not as common so are not offered through our website, however if you are interested in them please feel free to Contact Us.

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