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Company Information from British United Provident Association (BUPA)

BUPA Individual Protection is delighted to be working in partnership with

Defaqto 2008

BUPA Individual Protection is part of the BUPA Group, the UK's leading provider of private healthcare and services. Specialising in protection, we provide a range of policies to protect against financial risks and the consequences of ill-health.
Our product range includes income protection, life cover and extensive critical illness cover - recently awarded a 5 star rating from Defaqto, an independent research company as well as the highly coveted Health InsuranceBest Critical Illness Provider’ award.

Benefits of BUPA Individual Protection products include:

Each of these benefits is explained further below.

BUPA Individual Protection Critical Illness with Life covers 37 1 conditions and operations, of which includes:

BUPA HealthLine 3

BUPA HealthLine provides 24 hours a day access to BUPA nurses and is available to all BUPA Individual Protection members.

Best Doctors 4

Best Doctors is a company which could help people in the UK to get medical knowledge and expert advice from across the world to assist in making decisions about healthcare. Best Doctors is available to help you if you submit a claim covered on a BUPA Critical Illness or Critical Illness with Life policy.

Fracture cover*

BUPA Individual Protection's fracture cover is available with critical illness cover (with life) and gives you the reassurance of knowing that you may receive a cash lump sum of up to £2,100 if you suffer one of 18 specified fractures in any 12 month period. An additional premium is payable if this option is selected.

Child cover

We cover children for up to £25,000 automatically with critical illness cover (with life) if your child suffers from one of the specified conditions.

Reinstatement option*

With BUPA Individual Protection's reinstatement cover option, your can select, subject to agreement, extra cover to ensure you will be able to take out a new membership after you have made a critical illness claim. An additional premium is payable if this option is selected.
The new membership will offer limited cover, but thanks to BUPA Individual Protection’s reinstatement option, it will include 17 conditions and operations.

All information correct as at February 2008.

1 Terminal illness is not covered with stand alone critical illness cover

2 For more information on the ABI definitions, please visit; Abi.org.uk - ABI definitions

3 BUPA HealthLine services are provided within the BUPA group and are not a contractual benefit under the scheme. This can be withdrawn in the future.

4 Best Doctors does not form part of the contractual benefits of BUPA Critical Illness cover and we reserve the right to withdraw the service at any time in the future.

* An additional premium is payable if the fracture cover or the reinstatement options are selected

BUPA Life cover, Critical illness and Income protection is provided by BUPA Health Assurance Limited. A private company limited by shares and established in the United Kingdom having its head office at The Core 40 St Thomas Street, Bristol, BS1 6JX. Registered in England and Wales No 2774803* BUPA Insurance Services Limited. Registered in England and Wales No 3829851* *Authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Registered Office BUPA House 15-19 Bloomsbury Way London WC1A 2BA

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