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Royal Liver Assurance focuses on making financial provision easier, and over the last 150 years has continued to deliver a first class service to many thousands of families in the UK.
Royal Liver has developted a great reputation for trustworthiness, competence, care and reliability. The company manage over 5 million policies and as a Friendly Society exists solely for the benefit of its members as it has no shareholders.
Royal Liver provides protection products such as life insurance / life assurance, critical illness cover, and pensions and investment products in the UK.


Royal Liver Assurance was founded by a small group of working men from Liverpool in the Lyver Inn on 24 July 1850, the Liverpool Burial Society as it was then known, was set up to provide for the decent interment of deceased members.

Royal Liver Assurance's Head Office is located at:

Royal Liver Assurance Limited
Royal Liver Building
Pier Head
L3 1HT
United Kingdom


Note: The Contact details listed on this page were correct as of 31/06/2008.

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