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Special Risks Bureau has developed a dedicated team of insurance advisors for people who are regarded as higher risks for life insurance, life and critical illness cover and income protection.

The Special Risks Bureau ource policies for clients who wish to have protection insurance but are unsure of where to start, or have previously been turned away for insurance. We excel with cases that are complex by nature of the client's medical history and current state of health, or by virtue of hazardous occupations, pastimes or foreign travel.

We believe that all of our clients should be treated with dignity and respect and ensure that all of our advisors are able to speak with clients in a sensitive manner. As a broker we take the information clients give us and approach insurance providers on their behalf, giving the client one central source to contact and removing the need for the client to explain their circumstances to numerous people. Our years of experience mean that we can place client applications with the correct insurance providers for their circumstances, to source the best terms available for insurance.

At the Special Risks Bureau we do not find any case too challenging and are willing to speak with anyone in regards to their insurance needs. We provide an honest advisory service and will let a client know if they genuinely do or do not have a need for insurance. It is our policy to not cold call any clients and will only speak with those individuals who have left their details directly with us for insurance advice.

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