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Average price of a new flat down 0.9%
The price of the average new flat in the UK has fallen 0.9 per cent in the past three years, even as the rest of the housing market has risen 31 per cent.

There really is no such thing as a free gift
Calculating how much tax is due on your income and investments is tricky enough. But this year taxpayers are also having to cast their minds back to assets they have already disposed of, as new rules mean these may also be liable for tax charges.

Average house price across UK tops 100,000
Average house prices in every area of Britain have broken through the 100,000 mark for the first time, according to Halifax, the country's largest mortgage lender.

Growth in UK house prices stalls
UK house inflation has fallen for the first time in 15 months on an annual basis, suggesting that inflation in the housing market has reached a plateau, according to the FT house price index published on Friday

First-time buyers are not yet home and dry
If you have just bought your first property, then congratulations, you've conquered the most inhospitable housing market for the past 15 years.

Pressure grows on would-be investors as double whammy hits market
The combination of rising interest rates and falling rental yields is racheting up pressure on buy-to-let investors, particularly those who are entering the market now as house prices touch new peaks.

FT house price index: Interactive map
UK house prices have fallen for the first time in 15 months on an annual basis, suggesting that inflation in the housing market has reached a plateau. Use our map to see how different regions have been affected

BoE raises interest rates to 5.25%
Interest rates hit their highest level in more than 5 years as the Bank of England surprised the City by raising the cost of borrowing to 5.25 per cent.

Just a note to say: can I buy your house?
The mismatch between supply and demand in the property market means desperate would-be buyers are bypassing estate agents by dropping leaflets.

Landlords aim to make room for latest arrivals
The explosion of migrant workers to the UK has been one of the most influential factors underpinning rental demand and property prices in London and several other prime areas of the country in recent years.

Halifax data show dip in house prices
UK house prices unexpectedly fell last month, dropping 1 per cent between November and December, although the market still registered near double-digit gains for 2006, according to the latest survey from Halifax.

Advisers fumble for ways out of the blind alleys
2006 was probably best characterised by government U-turns. But there were other developments too. New entrants into savings have shaken up the market with market-beating savings accounts. Growing numbers of fund managers have been making use of new rules, enabling them to bring retail hedge funds to the high street. And in the mortgage market, lenders have become even more generous.

UK house prices end year on high note
UK homeowners were given a year-end bonus with the latest house price data from Nationwide showing the return of double digit growth in December.

Visions vary on the fortunes of property
The housing market will cool next year, according to most analysts. But given that most commentators' predictions for 2006 were far too timid, households might be excused if they continue to expect another year of near double-digit growth.

MPC voted unanimously to hold interest rates
The Bank of England's monetary policy committee voted unanimously to hold interest rates at 5 per cent this month, although the minutes of its meeting revealed a wide variety of views about the risks to inflation and economic growth next year.

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