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Orphan billions: problem is sharing out the pie
Orphan assets ? billions of pounds of "ownerless" money slushing around in with-profits funds ? are back on the public agenda again with this week's news that the life assurer Prudential is taking steps to unlock its 9bn orphan estate.

New guidelines may end postcode lottery
Long-term care is one of the less palatable realities of life. It is something most of us would rather leave as a bridge to cross when we come to it.

Advisers fumble for ways out of the blind alleys
2006 was probably best characterised by government U-turns. But there were other developments too. New entrants into savings have shaken up the market with market-beating savings accounts. Growing numbers of fund managers have been making use of new rules, enabling them to bring retail hedge funds to the high street. And in the mortgage market, lenders have become even more generous.

Darling, you really, really shouldn't have...
Buying presents and all the other accoutrements that make up Christmas requires nerves of steel. Chances are that if you're at the till buying an iPod, digital camera or any other electrical item likely to prove popular under the tree this year, you will be subjected to a hard sell to buy an extended warranty.

Get fit for the slopes with an essential exercise
It's not always easy staying upright when you're skiing. However experienced you may be there is always the chance that the next flashy but inept skier passing by could knock you off your skis. And if you're hurt the costs could spoil more than just your holiday.

Buffett ends sleepless nights for many Names
Warren Buffett's offer to absolve Lloyd's Names from future potential liabilities should put an end to decades of uncertainty for many of the 34,000 Names, not least in their inheritance tax planning.

Customers can click on advice beyond compare
Comparison websites, internet-based supermarkets that collate and compare the prices of a range of products from mortgages to credit cards, are changing the face of the financial markets.

How landlords can avoid that 3am call
The marketing blurb for one company's landlord insurance policy reads: "3am. Who do they call? Don't let it be you."

Payment protection comes under FSA spotlight
Some companies offering payment protection insurance could have their rights to sell this cover revoked next month when the Financial Services Authority issues its update on the PPI market.

Retailers now give customers a worse deal
Many electrical retailers have raised the premiums on extended warranty insurance, despite the introduction last year of much tougher rules on this form of cover.

Insurers adopt a more understanding bedside manner
The rapid rise in the number of individuals suffering chronic conditions coupled with falling demand for expensive medical insurance means that some of the biggest insurers are not so quick to rule out individuals with illnesses.

NU hopes to end price war with hike in car premiums
Britain's motorists are likely to see a sharp rise in the cost of their car insurance after Norwich Union, the market's second-largest provider, raised its rates by as much as 40 per cent.

Unwary motorists could be caught in high claims trap
Now that summer is in full swing, many of us will be taking a driving holiday on the Continent. But following a little-noticed Law Lords ruling, drivers could now find they are seriously under-insured if they are involved in an accident overseas.

Make sure your cover prepares for the worst
The vast majority of the thousands of travellers who were delayed by the security clampdown at UK airports to foil an alleged terrorist plot will not receive a penny in compensation because of terrorist exclusion clauses in their travel policies.

Avoid going bust on the beach
Before you flee the city this summer, take the time to plan your finances to ensure you do not return to late payment charges or surprising shortfalls in your investment portfolio.

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