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Lawyers irked by EU anti-crime measure
Setting up a trust for your beneficiaries has never been straightforward. But it is about to become even more complicated ? and possibly more expensive ? thanks to European Union rules which come into force later this year.

Orphan billions: problem is sharing out the pie
Orphan assets ? billions of pounds of "ownerless" money slushing around in with-profits funds ? are back on the public agenda again with this week's news that the life assurer Prudential is taking steps to unlock its 9bn orphan estate.

There really is no such thing as a free gift
Calculating how much tax is due on your income and investments is tricky enough. But this year taxpayers are also having to cast their minds back to assets they have already disposed of, as new rules mean these may also be liable for tax charges.

Interest grows in property schemes for pensions
Providers of self-invested personal pensions (Sipps) are constructing a wide range of schemes for investors to hold property in their pensions to satisfy continued strong demand for this asset class.

Long-term savers can cheer upside of rate rise
Long-term savers are raking in some record returns as account providers react to higher inflation and the latest rise in interest rates.

Laggard parents may have missed investment boat
If your child trust fund (CTF) certificate is still languishing in a drawer, you might want to look away now. Strong market performance across the globe means that you could have cost your child thousands of pounds in missed investment opportunities.

Rate rise expected to put lid on house price growth
Economists predict interest rates will be raised once more this year to 5.5 per cent as the Bank of England looks to continue to curb inflation in the economy.

Love 'em and leave 'em approach swells the bill
Most fund managers only pay lip service to Warren Buffett's dictum that "the ideal holding period is forever"

Fund managers shift towards the growth formula
Market experts believe some of the ratings on value stocks are now looking stretched while growth companies have started to look undervalued

With-profits bonus rates expected to fall further
Holders of with-profits policies look set for another round of disappointment this year when the bonus season kicks off.

New money calls for the personal touch
There is a growing queue of private banks and wealth managers chasing the 100,000-plus investor as the numbers of these wealthy individuals looks set to break through the 2m barrier for the first time in 2007.

Notaries to swap their pensions for boxing gloves
The role of public notaries is being called into question by regulators in Brussels.

Cleaning up on energy investments
Environmental concerns are scaling the heights of political agendas and global investment in clean energy had risen to $70.9bn, pushing it firmly into the mainstream. But that's not to say that investing in this sector is a win-win.

Investors urged to diversify away from property
Property funds look set to become one of the most favoured destinations for investors' money in 2007 following a bumper year in 2006, financial advisers predict.

Advisers fumble for ways out of the blind alleys
2006 was probably best characterised by government U-turns. But there were other developments too. New entrants into savings have shaken up the market with market-beating savings accounts. Growing numbers of fund managers have been making use of new rules, enabling them to bring retail hedge funds to the high street. And in the mortgage market, lenders have become even more generous.

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