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Interest grows in property schemes for pensions
Providers of self-invested personal pensions (Sipps) are constructing a wide range of schemes for investors to hold property in their pensions to satisfy continued strong demand for this asset class.

Advisers fumble for ways out of the blind alleys
2006 was probably best characterised by government U-turns. But there were other developments too. New entrants into savings have shaken up the market with market-beating savings accounts. Growing numbers of fund managers have been making use of new rules, enabling them to bring retail hedge funds to the high street. And in the mortgage market, lenders have become even more generous.

Reports of demise of final salary plans exaggerated
The demise of the final salary pension appears to have been overplayed. Research released this week revealed that many more employees have access to these generous pension schemes than had been previously thought.

We are find a tax haven
City workers are likely to be rubbing their hands in glee as another hefty bonus season approaches. But recipients should prepare for an uphill battle with the taxman.

Misselling' warning hangs over pensions saving plan
The blueprint for pensions saving for millions of future employees was unveiled by the government this week.

Inheritance tax U-turn hits new wave of Sipp investors
Pension investors who wish to hand over pension assets to heirs will be forced to rethink their strategy following draconian proposals outlined in this week's pre-Budget report (PBR).

Retirement product that can be a gamble
With annuity rates at all-time lows, pension investors are having to look to more innovative ways to beef up their retirement income. One alternative is the with-profits annuity.

The dangers of ending up in a half-baked plan
Every week hundreds of investors are ditching personal pensions managed by life assurance companies and opting for the wider investment freedoms of self-invested personal pensions.

High earners find April is the kindest month
The new A-Day pension rules have opened up an opportunity for high earners to make tax savings by linking up the efficiencies of venture capital trusts with self-invested personal pensions.

'Bias' concerns raised as commissions leap
If your financial adviser has been calling you up trying to persuade you to transfer your pension to another company you might want to ask yourself why.

Pressure on to stem the outflow of investors
Pension companies have been adding more top-name fund managers to their personal pensions as they seek to slow the outflow of investors who are turning to the wider freedoms of self invested personal pensions

Pensions given a five-point boost
Pensions were put firmly on the political agenda this week in the last Queen's Speech under Tony Blair's premiership.

Industry draws up reforms to ward off annuity U-turn
The pensions industry is lobbying the Treasury in a last-ditch effort to persuade the government not to axe Alternatively Secured Pensions, the new vehicles which allow investors to avoid purchasing an annuity at retirement.

Alternative routes when Treasury splits heirs
The Treasury's threatened clamp-down on Alternatively Secured Pensions is leading to a search by pensions savers and their advisers for other ways of obtaining comparable tax breaks.

How to make a big hit in one tax year
The new pension rules significantly lifted the bar on contribution thresholds. But a small group of high-flying executives and City workers are taking advantage of a loophole that allows them to pay even more into their schemes, at least for one tax year.

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