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Projects fuel interest in renewable returns
Investors in energy technologies can choose funds ? or the direct route
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'Early bird' Isa investors catch extra returns
Investors are being advised to make their fund choices earlier ? and benefit from 12 months of tax-efficient returns
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Clients pushed into model portfolios
Retail investors at risk from being pushed into a one-size-fits-all approach by discretionary managers changing their business models
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Low-profile funds often offer high returns
Some of the best performing investment trusts have no advertising budget ? so private investors may be missing out on low charges and strong returns
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Judging a book by its cover
An original dust jacket in good condition can account for up to 90 per cent of the value of a collectable first-edition book, say experts
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Confidence is key for small companies
For small-cap shares' outperformance to continue, economic indicators will have to remain positive, say portfolio managers
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Hopes rise for easing of VCT limits
Tax-efficient venture-capital schemes need higher investment limits, say managers
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Landlords face tougher penalties
Landlords will face tougher penalties if they fail to protect a tenant's deposit in a government-approved scheme under new legislation
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Growing businesses fear loss of vital cash
A 2m cap on investment threatens funding and forces companies to put plans on hold, at a time when bank lending is harder to find, say investment groups
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Alliance Trust rejects outsourcing idea
Karin Forseke dismisses possibility of outsourcing management of investment trust after Aberdeen Asset Management expresses interest
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