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Tax cap on charitable giving
Rules should ensure gifts to eligible charities provide tax relief, say advisers
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Will hedging a mortgage incur tax?
Will buying an interest-rate 'cap' result in an income or capital gains tax bill from HR Revenue & Customs?
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How to use the tax rules to your advantage
Wealthy individuals can still rely on simple tax planning measures to maximise income and investment returns, accountants have said
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Wealthy face cap on income tax relief
Wealthy advised to claim tax reliefs before cap is introduced
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Global taxation: Fiscal frustrations
A clampdown on a complex tax structure used by banks poses a test of US efforts to curb cross-border schemes. By Megan Murphy and Jeff Gerth
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Hopes rise for easing of VCT limits
Tax-efficient venture-capital schemes need higher investment limits, say managers
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Pensioners attack call for 'granny tax 2'
A Treasury adviser has recommended taxing the state pension at source ? a move that would significantly reduce the amount millions receive
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Rich root out stamp duty loopholes
Some London lawyers are devising schemes to help those affected by the tax rate, which was raised to 7% on houses worth more than 2m
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Threat to UK access to venture capital
A cap on state-backed investment means venture capital trusts that invest in small businesses will lose tax benefits, putting funding under strain
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Growing businesses fear loss of vital cash
A 2m cap on investment threatens funding and forces companies to put plans on hold, at a time when bank lending is harder to find, say investment groups
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