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What is Private Medical Insurance?

Private Medical Insurance (PMI), otherwise referred to as Private Health Insurance, is now playing a major role in helping UK citizens receive private healthcare without paying for the extensive costs usually associated with the enhanced care. Once upon a time it was only the rich and famous who could afford to ‘skip the waiting lists’ or ‘choose their own hospital’.

Private medical insurance is now much more affordable for the general public and provides the reassurance that they can be treated for specific medical conditions quickly, should they become injured or unwell.

The main features of Private Medical Insurance are:

  • Receiving treatment for acute medical conditions quickly, i.e. skipping the NHS waiting lists.
  • Choosing a time and place for treatment that is convenient for you.
  • Having a private room for your healthcare treatment to take place in. Many people feel this seriously reduces the risk of superbugs such as the MRSA bug.
  • Having accommodation paid for to enable parents to stay with sick children.

There are three main types of Private Medical Insurance available:

  • Budget Medical Insurance: The lowest level of protection usually covering most forms of in-patient and day-patient cover. However they do not normally cover out-patient treatment.
  • Standard Medical Insurance: The mid-level protection typically providing cover for in-patient, day-patient and a limited amount of out-patient cover.
  • Comprehensive Medical Insurance: The highest level of protection offering cover for most in-patient, day-patient and out-patient cover.
  • Additional Benefits: It is also possible to add extra features on to some policies such as dental and optical care.

Health insurance can be provided by an employer or can be paid for by an individual. Here we specialise in both individual private medical insurance and corporate medical insurance.

is one of the Internet's leading brokers for private health insurance and private medical insurance, allowing you to compare policies from the UK's leading providers. You can request a Medical Insurance Quote Online or speak to one of our qualified advisors by calling us free on 0808 1782 777 for a PMI Quote.

What am I Covered for?

Private medical insurance covers you for 'acute' conditions only. If a condition is deemed to be 'chronic', i.e incurable and lifelong, then it is unlikely that the policy will continue to cover the condition.

What is Not Covered by this Policy?

In addition to chronic conditions not being covered, you are also unlikely to be covered for any existing or prior medical conditions that you have had. Private medical insurance can be applied via two methods, fully underwritten and moratorium.

Moratorium private medical insurance is quick and easy to arrange as they do not ask for a background to your medical history. The policy will likely exclude any conditions you have suffered in the last year or two, however if you go symptom and treatment free for a period of time you may become covered for the condition again. This form of cover is good for ease of arranging and for people who may have a condition that they would like covering again.

Fully underwritten private medical insurance takes a little longer to arrange as you must answer health questions relating to your medical background; the insurer may also contact your GP for a report before cover is offered. Fully underwritten cover will outline any exclusions on your policy document so you know what you are and are not covered for. It is unlikely with this option that exclusions will be removed. This option is useful for people who want to know exactly what they are and are not covered for, and do not want to risk any 'grey areas'. It is important for you to disclose your full medical history to the Insurance Provider, as any non-disclosure will result in your claim being rejected.

What Can I use my Private Medical Insurance for?

Private Medical Insurance will reduce your waiting time for treatment, let you choose the time and place of your treatment, allow you to have a private room within the treatment centre of your choice and pay for accommodation for you to stay with your child should they fall ill (on certain policies). You will not be provided a lump sum benefit from your provider to spend as you please.

Can I Protect my Children for Private Medical Insurance?

Your child can be covered on your policy. Different insurance providers may vary the eligibility criteria of your child being covered by the policy and many will charge a premium for your child individually.

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